Clos is an experimental fictional brand, developed as final BA project. The aim of the project was to create a realistic brand for an irrealistic purpouse. We were assigned the task of giving life to an anonymous everyday object, creating a brand from scratch for it and expressing its values through various touchpoints. And thus we designed Clos, an American based clothespin brand from Vermont with a warm, friendly and witty identity, which seeks to bring harmony and warmth to the domestic environment, giving colour to the tedious activity of laundry and household care. Clos is built around the core value "close to you", payoff of the brand. Particular care was taken in designing the packages, the main touchpoint of the brand with the customer, and the Closmatics, automatic vending machines for clothespins, in order to give a 360 degrees emotional brand experience.

Together with

  • Francesca Bortolotto
  • Federico Gambarana
  • Lorenzo Marchesi
  • Arianna Meroni