Clos — the arcade

To communicate the brand Clos to the public through an interactive experience, we used music as the medium to convey the value of harmony. As such, the clothespin becomes the key of a piano. We designed an exhibition with with a working prototype of a musical arcade game: by using a keyboard of clothespins as a controller the players are able to play Pachelbel's "Canon" while catching clothes for the laundry. The player who catches more clothes and collects the most points wins. A real size working prototype was created using Arduino and Processing. The brand Clos together with the arcade were showcased at What If, exhibition held in March 2017, together with all the other Final Synthesis Design Studio projects of that year.

Together with

  • Francesca Bortolotto
  • Federico Gambarana
  • Lorenzo Marchesi
  • Arianna Meroni