Dot Dot Dot magazine

Dot Dot Dot was an iconic independent design journal of the past. During the Editorial Design Studio held by Massimo Pitis, the task was to to give the magazine a new flesh, designing a new fictional issue. The magazine was given a new strategic positioning, structure and tone of voice. The new Dot Dot Dot focuses on open contemporary culture, encompassing different narrative styles and borrowing articles, essays and projects both from estabilished authors and people who answer an open call. With its content flowing metaphorically like a musical composition, the first issue focuses on the theme "Revive". Dot Dot Dot Radio is a transmedia extension of the magazine: accessible and democratic, the web radio was deemed as the right choice to spread the magazine's culture pills to a wider audience.

Together with

  • Giacomo Bevacqua
  • Giulia Cortinovis
  • Daniele Mapelli
  • Stefano Pisana