Fiddol is a service for kindergarten kids that aims to make the brushing of teeth a daily routine, both at home and at school, through music and interactive storytelling. Created during the Interaction Design Studio after preliminary user research, Fiddol blends together music, narration and dental care education, thanks to a smart toy synchronized with a mobile application. A smart device attached on the handle of the toothbrush allows the child to play a melody based on his brushing movements: the better the skill, the more harmonious is the music. Group work is also rewarded, as the Fiddol app tracks the classroom effort and rewards the kids with new accessories, musical instruments and a progression in the story. A proof of concept prototype was created using Raspberry Pi Zero, Python and Pure Data. The real scale demonstrative prototype was 3D printed.

Together with: Giulia Cortinovis, Elena Filippi, Edoardo Guido, Arianna Meroni